Inspiration can come from odd and unexpected places. I’ve been going through chemo therapy and I’ve discovered some principles that help me. The first is to find inspiration wherever it comes from. I was driving home and heard a piece of a song. I got home a few minutes later and looked up the lyrics I heard eventually tracing it to a song by the group Pop Evil. The song is called Footsteps and when I listened to the entire song I really reached into me and lifted me up. That’s the kind of experience you want when going through chemo. Pop Evil is a hard rock band. But Footsteps is a little lighter (kind of) and so well crafted. Maybe it can inspire you too.




  • Scott


    Inspiration is everywhere. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to see/experience but it’s there. I’m glad you found a spark. Now let that spark kindle the fire and keep creating. And thank you for the inspirational post.

  • Aldus


    Thanks, Scott.

  • Lorraine


    I always enjoy finding out where people get their inspiration from. Whether used for going through life, drawing a picture, taking a photo, or writing a book, I have never known two people to be inspired by one thing to do the same thing! I’m glad this song has lifted your spirits in a difficult situation, and I hope you are continually inspired during your treatment. Life likes to throw us challenges to push us to our fullest potential, and we all need something to help us over come them. I’m sure this won’t be the last of the inspiration thrown in your path.

  • Aldus


    Thanks, Lorraine. I find different folk’s skills and inspirations to be interesting too. There have been some other inspiring things that have come my way. Another musical inspiration was hearing the old song by George Harrison called Blow Away.
    The line that struck me was – All I have to do is to love you, All I have be is be happy. It seems like simple instructions for a good life.